The sports fundraising world is a very very competitive business and every competitor was selling the same products with the same small profits for the teams.  I never believed in that philosophy of giving less to the teams or schools.  
At this point we started a fundraising company called MySportsTeamDonation and we created Letter campaigns and then it went into a greeting card campaign where the athletes or parents could login online and input family and friends physical addresses.  Then we developed the first email campaign back in 2011.  We also were selling all the other products such as Discount Cards, Cookie Dough and other items as well.  
We have redeveloped our email campaign and platform to be the most robust, user friendly and very simple to use for any Youth, High School or College sports teams.  We also cater to PTO and Elementary Schools and giving them a better option vs selling product and only receiving 40% of the total sales.  We guarantee all of our campaigns  will earn a minimum of 88% of the profit on every donation that is made to their program.  
Since our inception in 2008 (MySportsTeamDonation) we have been fundraising for High School Sports Teams, Club Teams, Youth Teams, High School Bands etc. We started out running Fundraising Letters/Greeting Cards and your normal fundraising products like: Discount Cards, Cookie Dough and any other stuff we call “Junk” with low profits for the Schools, Teams and Bands. We just felt like there was a better way!
Think about it this way. When you sell discount cards, cookie dough, or some other random item, you’re actually making 50% profit or less (normal at 40%) on the whole. It’s tiresome, it’s difficult, and nobody likes going door to door anymore let alone all of the time in deliveries etc.
We are always trying to make the process better, simpler and with more profit. How? We use this reach to take your localized selling and expand it worldwide. That way, everyone on the planet can see what it is you’re trying to accomplish. We developed our Custom Email Campaign back in 2009 and we keep making the process better and better. With our Custom Email Fundraising Campaign, we average more than 89% profit margin for our fundraisers! Donors can even donate straight to your team’s custom page to make it quick, easy and most donations are Tax Deductible.
We are a hands on sports fundraising company so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us anytime at 1-888-587-2403 to learn more about what we do or to get started!
All you need to do is sign up for our Custom Email Fundraising Campaign, and let technology and a few family members and friends do the rest.
“We Measure Success In User Experience!" Revolutionary new way for coaches to raise money for sports, travel, equipment and other events.