How does it work?

Simple, Either you or our staff will set up your campaign in minutes. After that you or our staff will just input your Athlete/Members/Parents information in the KICK OFF YOUR CAMPAIGN page and that’s it! Emails are sent to potential supporters/donors

What do Athlete/Members/Parents need to do?

Once they receive your invitation via the TEAMS CAMPAIGN, each athlete/member/parent will create an account inside your teams campaign. After that, they just input names and email addresses to Family/Friends/Supporters and then a Custom Email is sent to each Family/Friend/Supporter informing them on the Teams Fundraiser and why they need their support. This takes less than 15 minutes!

How much revenue we should expect?

This depends on how many members/athletes/parents participate. In the Youth and High School Market only the Parents will participate in sending out emails. We do not collect any member/athletes emails who are in the Youth or High School markets. A team of 25 players can expect 25 Parents to send out 15 emails each and your team would raise about $7,080. If Mom and Dad participated in the campaign then it’s possible to make more revenue than the estimated amount above. The College Market the Member/Athlete/Parent all can participate in sending out emails. If the Parents participate in sending out emails then your campaign can raise more revenue! Example: 25 Athletes send out 15 emails each and your team could raise over $7,080. If the parents participate and send out a few emails each then your campaign will raise more revenue than the estimated amount above.

How much does it cost?

There is NO COST to get started! We only charge .069% per donation and 2.9% on credit card donations and .30 transaction fee (Stripe). That’s it!!! Every donation is a guaranteed 89% profit.

Why use GoFundMyTeam?

Real Simple! We pay out the HIGHEST % in the industry at 88%. It’s the easiest Fundraiser you will ever do! It takes just minutes to create and kick off your campaign. The Parents love it because it only takes a few minutes to complete. We are a hands on organization and we can set up your campaign within minutes! We can even Kick Off your campaign for you as well. Just click on WE CREATE IT button and in no time we will have your campaign up and running.

Why are we different than other Crowdfunding/fundraising sites

Our Platform makes it very personal in the ask. Plus WE GUARANTEED THE HIGHEST PAYOUT IN THE INDUSTRY at 88% or higher. We specialize in Athletics, Bands, Choir or any other School Groups. Traditional CrowdFunding sites are primarily a Social Media share platform. We create Custom Emails for your campaign to send to your supporters anywhere in the world! We also offer and encourage you to SHARE your campaign to Social Media as well but that’s just a small part of what we do.

When do we get our revenue sent to us?

The average campaign will run about 45 - 60 days. Once the campaign is over then we will email you a report with the final results. After the campaign is over we will send you your group or teams check to your address on file.